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Tatneft: Tolgyattikauchuk reduces air emissions volume

Tatneft: Tolgyattikauchuk reduces air emissions volume

Togliatti, February 28 - Neftegaz.RU. The Togliattikauchuk company, which became part of the TATNEFT Group, continued introducing environmental protection measures at the production site in 2019. The introduction of such measure resulted in the reduction of emissions by 6.3% per unit of output.

This was made possible due to several factors. One of them was the integrated management system operating at the enterprise, which combined 4 international standards in the field of ecology, product quality, energy as well as the protection of the workers' health. Its main objectives provided for ensuring safe working conditions, as well as production with minimal impact on the environment and energy costs. As part of the IMS policy, the measures were taken aimed at reducing the environmental impact. The total investments in the modernization and maintenance of fixed assets amounted to about RUB 1.5 billion.

For example, in 2019, a project was completed to install the unit for recovery of the methyl tert-butyl ether vapor (MTBE) component for increasing the octane number of the motor fuel at the enterprise’s commodity-raw materials workshop. The process is based on the recovery of MTBE vapors through application of activated carbon. The installation allows automating the whole process and recovering up to 99.8% of the vapors.

A flare tip was replaced and a new technology was introduced at one of the flare risers, that provided for ensuring smokeless combustion and reduction of soot formation, as well as ensuring the safety of the whole technological process.

The program is underway to replace regular pumps with leakproof ones, eliminating the escape of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere. There were 8 pieces of equipment updated in 2019.

The blow-offs of desired products in the production of isobutane-isobutylene fraction were reduced by 1.5 000 tonnes per year through the application of the process mathematical modeling. The method is based on the analysis of statistical data over several decades. Equipment parameters are considered in various configurations, and the model determines the most optimal operating mode, which allows, for example, increasing the yield of desired products or reducing the energy costs for the process.

Last year, the company updated the Action Plan to reduce emissions during unfavorable weather conditions (UWC). The document was approved by the Ministry of Forestry, Environmental Protection and Nature Management of the Samara Region and it implies a reduction in enterprise emissions depending on the degree of the UWC hazard, including the load reduction on the production facilities.

When the UWC situation is announced additional air quality control for 17 components is carried out. Samples are taken by the industrial laboratory of sanitary and environmental control at any time of the day, including the night period, both at the enterprise itself and at ‘s border of the sanitary protection zone. The results of the air pollution test are published in the company’s Group in the social network VKontakte.

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