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Zarubezhneft is one of the 1st state-owned Russian companies to approve the Digital Transformation Strategy

The implementation of the digitalization strategy covers all 39 subsidiaries of the Zarubezhneft Group of Companies

Zarubezhneft is one of the 1st state-owned Russian companies to approve the Digital Transformation Strategy

Source: Courtesy of Zarubezhneft

Moscow, August 27 - Neftegaz.RU. Zarubezhneft became one of the 1st state-owned companies to approve the Digital Transformation Strategy 2021-2024.
Digital transformation is one of the Russian development goals until 2030.

Zarubezhneft's digital transformation strategy is focused on improving the efficiency and competitiveness of the company and is aimed at contributing to achieving digital maturity of the Russian fuel & energy complex.

The key initiatives of Zarubezhneft in the field of digital transformation are grouped into complex programs: digital field, digital assessment of new projects, digital office and digital competencies of personnel.

Sergey Kudryashov, General Director of Zarubezhneft, comments on the process of practical implementation of the strategy:
  • The digital transformation strategy meets new challenges and is tied to the goals of Zarubezhneft's strategic and innovative development
  • The company has a system of motivating employees involved in improvement projects, including within the framework of digitalization
Starting in 2020, Zarubezhneft began implementing the Digital Harmony - 2nd stage of the digital transformation strategy.
The priority areas for the development and implementation of end-to-end digital technologies are machine learning technologies, big data processing, digital twins and artificial intelligence.

Among the key projects, one can single out the creation of an operational monitoring center - an asset coordination tool that provides the calculation of key performance indicators of Zarubezhneft subsidiaries, visualization of these indicators and automated reporting.

Project digital core (a tool for determining filtration characteristics for calculating waterflooding regimes and selecting chemical-physical injection agents for enhanced oil recovery), Nestro Data (digital platform for corporate data management), software robotization of production and supporting processes, and a number of others.

In the field of work with artificial intelligence, the company is implementing and planning projects to search for missing formations, digital transformation of well workover, search for analogous fields, collection and analysis of internal information in the field of oil production, planning, etc.

The share of digital transformation initiatives using AI as a key technology, should grow to 35% by 2024.

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