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TATNEFT put into commercial operation a system for planning hourly energy consumption

The new platform will cover all processes related to the use of the fuel and energy resources at the enterprise, starting with planning the consumption volumes and ending with operational monitoring of the consumption volumes and on-line control at specific technological units

TATNEFT put into commercial operation a system for planning hourly energy consumption

Kazan, August 13 - Neftegaz.RU. This is the 1st system of the new digital Energoportal platform developed by the Tatneft Digital Development experts.
One of the most energy-intensive crude oil production processes, i.e. ensuring the inflow of liquid, from JV Tatneft-Upstream, had been chosen as a pilot process for the implementation of the new platform.

The current expenditure level for the fuel and energy resources in the TATNEFT is significant - over RUB 46 billion per year.
The largest expense item is payment for electricity, which TATNEFT buys at the 6th price category.

This procurement category allows reducing the payment tariff rate through the accurate planning of the hourly consumption schedule.
The energy consumption also accounts for a significant portion of the company's greenhouse gas emissions, and the effective consumption management contributes to the achievement of targets aimed at reducing such emissions.

The Energy Department together with the structural divisions draw up a daily consumption schedule for each hour.
The planned target quantity from the actual deviation value is 1.5%.

At the same time, it is necessary to allow for all changes in the operating modes of significant technological units: pumping stations, commodity parks, boiler houses for the production of high-viscosity oil and other significant power consumers.
The more accurate is the plan compiled taking into account all the factors, the lower will be the cost of paying for the deviations.

Previously, the hourly consumption had been planned using various unconnected information systems.
The consumption schedule had been formed on the basis of complex calculations.

The 1st of the 5 of the new Energoportal platform systems implemented on the basis of a microservice architecture, made it possible to switch over the formation of the consumption schedule from the manual to the automatic mode.

In addition to the hourly planning system, the Energoportal includes a system for calculating the planned consumption of fuel the and energy resources, as well as the energy saving and the energy balancing programs.

After the implementation of all 5 systems of the Energoportal, the company will receive a single software package for effective planning, monitoring, efficiency analysis and the formation of a unified reporting of the consumption of the fuel and energy resources.

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