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GeoSplit Technology Successfully Certified by the State Commission on Mineral Reserves

The method of dynamic marker-based production logging using the technology of GeoSplit LLC is recommended for use by the resolution of the Expert and Technical Council of the State Commission on Mineral Reserves.

GeoSplit Technology Successfully Certified by the State Commission on Mineral Reserves

Moscow, June 3 - Neftegaz.RU. The GeoSplit technology, offering a method for geological and field control of production and development, is designed for long-term production profiling surveillance for oil, gas, and water in producing wells. The technology provides options to mark the target well both using marked proppant during multi-stage hydraulic fracturing (MSHF) and by placing composite polymer in the form of a marker tape embedded in special marker sleeves that are integrated into the lower completion.

In 2021, for the purpose of additional certification, the GeoSplit technology was submitted to the Raw Hydrocarbons Subpanel of the Expert and Technical Council of the State Commission on Mineral Reserves (SCMR ETC) for consideration.

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Independent expert examinations highlighted high relevance and practical importance of dynamic marker-based production logging as a method of production logging (PL) in horizontal, directional and vertical production wells in order to identify the profile and composition of the flow, control the reserves recovery, as well as account for production during operations in stacked deposits with dual completion. By resolution of the SCMR ETC meeting, the GeoSplit technology was approved and recommended for use unanimously.

According to Yevgeny Malyavko, Technical Director of GeoSplit, the resolution of the SCMR Expert and Technical Council on recommending the method will provide operators with an additional PL tool and expand the opportunities for effective field development.

«Successful certification means that our technology has been recognised by the broad professional community and strengthens the company's interaction with government agencies», says Vyacheslav Bolshakov, Partner Development Director at GeoSplit.

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Alexander Katashov, CEO of GeoSplit LLC:
«Since the foundation of GeoSplit LLC, we have employed an open approach to working with the oil and gas expert community. Together with our clients and partners, we conduct laboratory and field tests, invite independent experts to evaluate the potential and advantages of the GeoSplit marker-based logging technology, and present real practical results at conferences. Certification of our technology by the SCMR Expert and Technical Council was quite a challenge for our team. I am really happy that we have successfully passed this test. The successful certification by the SCMR coincided with GeoSplit LLC becoming Saudi Aramco's approved vendor. Our customers may be perfectly sure that using GeoSplit technology they obtain products and services that meet the highest industrial standards both in Russia and abroad.»

GeoSplit is an international digital oilfield services company that offers a marker-based production logging technology for oil and gas industry.The heart of the GEOSPLIT engineering solution are quantum dot marker-reporters responsible for precise indication of each fluid phase — oil, water, and gas — in the production profile, which enables a dramatic increase in the amount of data on the performance of a target object. Proprietary software offers the possibility to carry out a high-precision and high-performance analysis of fluid samples and interpret field data. The GEOSPLIT Digital Platform, incorporating Machine Learning and Big Data tools, helps to add brand-new value to the digital transformation of our customers.

Source : Neftegaz.RU

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