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Gas reserves of Yamal’s Kruzenshternskoye field raised to 2 trillion cu m

Gas reserves of Yamal’s Kruzenshternskoye field raised to 2 trillion cu m

Moscow, December 30 - Neftegaz.RU. The Federal Agency for Mineral Resources approved the expert opinion of the State Reserves Commission with regard to the calculation of hydrocarbon reserves in the Kruzenshternskoye gas and condensate field. The field forms part of the Bovanenkovo production zone, the basis for the development of a major gas production center in the Yamal Peninsula.

As a result of geological exploration carried out by Gazprom, the amount of Kruzenshternskoye's recoverable gas reserves in the С1+С2 commercial categories was increased by 360 billion cu m. Therefore, the field's total gas reserves went up by 22 % from 1.64 trillion to 2 trillion cu m.

The Kruzenshternskoye field is unique in terms of the amount of its hydrocarbon reserves. It is located to the west of the Bovanenkovskoye field, partly onshore in the Yamal Peninsula but mostly in the waters of the Kara Sea.

In order to collect more precise data about the reserves of the Kruzenshternskoye field, Gazprom built a hi-tech directional exploration well from the coast of Sharapov Shar Bay. The well is 4.9 km long, including a 3.9 km seaward deviation.

When constructing the sophisticated structures of the well, the company used cutting-edge drilling technologies and solutions in the field of geophysical research.

In addition, Gazprom won the auction for the right to use subsoil reserves with the purposes of geological prospecting, hydrocarbon exploration and production within the Sopochny block (Tazovsky District, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area). As estimated by the company, the block's resource potential exceeds 500 million tons of fuel equivalent.

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