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Engineering for isobutane dehydrogenation process. How we do it.

In 2014, a specialized division was created within Katalizator JSC to provide engineering services for the Company specialty processes, with a primary focus on the isobutane dehydrogenation process in a fluidized bed.

Engineering for isobutane dehydrogenation process. How we do it.

Moscow, June 13 - Neftegaz.RU. Since 2014, the division has been strengthening and developing its competences. 16 Russian patent applications and 11 foreign applications have been submitted, 15 Russian patents obtained and 2 foreign patent approvals received.

Currently, we are ready to provide a wide range of R&D services, author’s supervision of above sophisticated process.

Competences of Katalizator JSC allow R&D to be performed at the highest level with the use of analytical equipment combined with engineering calculations, and presenting a complete picture of the sophisticated processes in the dehydrogenation unit. Today, we would like to offer the following services:

  • Investigation and measuring of catalyst physical and chemical characteristics
  • Measuring homogeneity parameters of fluidization for fresh catalysts and mixtures
  • Measuring the catalytic activity, also in the presence of impurities
  • Investigation of catalyst reduction and regeneration kinetics depending on the nature of the reducing agent
  • Investigation of the reducing agent’s nature impact on the physical and chemical characteristics and performance of the catalyst
  • Performing all the required engineering calculations of dehydrogenation units
  • Mathematic simulation

The measurements of catalyst physical and chemical properties are performed to explain the dependence of the dehydrogenation unit process on above properties. The park of laboratory equipment has been updated within the framework of the project “Implementation of the CET Technology Initiative: Catalysts, Engineering & Technologies” to ensure high-precision measurements.

A designated cold-flow fluidization bed bench scale unit with the height of about 8 meters is used for evaluating such important parameter as fluidized bed characteristics, namely:

  • Initial velocity and fluidization density
  • Fluidization homogeneity
  • The expansion ratio of a fluidized bed

Above values are dependent on the nature of a catalyst, especially when it comes to modeling the operation of catalyst mixture, and are essential for performing calculations.

Calculations and process modeling is generally comprised of the following:

  • Evaluation and modeling the catalyst distribution along the reactor and regenerator grids (based on the actual readings)
  • Optimization of the catalyst PSD
  • Open space optimization for the sectioning grids
  • Calculation of mass and heat balance for dehydrogenation unit
  • Performance evaluation for stripping and reduction zones
  • Performance evaluation and optimization for regenerator
  • Design and optimization of inner and external cyclones
  • Calculation and development of design basis for recovery boilers
  • Performance optimization for the catalyst transportation system

JSC Katalizator provides a full range of engineering services, namely:

  • Comprehensive process audit of the units
  • Study of composition and properties for applied feedstock and catalyst
  • Performing required basic process calculations
  • Development of a Feasibility Study for revamping or catalyst replacement
  • Development of a Basic Design for construction, revamping, and optimization of dehydrogenation units
  • Supervision of construction, revamping, optimization for dehydrogenation units
  • Supervision of startup operations and reaching guaranteed operational performance of the unit
  • On-line supervision throughout the unit operating time

Today, the competence of Katalizator JSC enables it to develop customized comprehensive production solutions ensuring dehydrogenation unit operation optimization and OPEX reduction.

Please contact +7 (383) 306-62-80 or for further information on engineering services for isobutene dehydrogenation.

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Author: Alexei Kreiker

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