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Tatneft opened a reconstructed filling station with laser level gages

Tatneft opened a reconstructed filling station with laser level gages

Almetyevsk, July 31 - Neftegaz.RU
. Fuel tanks of the filling station are equipped with laser level gages "AGAT-M" produced by "Teplokontrol" Kazan factory. Optical sensors monitor the level of fuel, density, temperature, presence of water bottoms and allow for round-the-clock monitoring of the fuel quantity and quality. This control system currently has no analogues in the territory of Russia.

The performance of the liquid-motor fuel dispenser site is 500 filling operations per day. High-quality TANECO Ai-92, 95 and 100 gasolines, as well as diesel fuel of the same name with the use of 10 sleeve fuel-dispensing columns GILBARCO are presented for sale at this filling station.

Fuel dispensers are equipped with a multimedia screen and a self-service terminal with the ability to work in postpay mode. Clients can promptly pay the requested amount by bank transfer without contacting the cashier operator.
The exterior and interior of this filling station have been made in modern stylistic solutions in accordance with the latest trends and taking into account the wishes of the customers for their comfortable stay at the facility. The entry and exit zones as well as the parking area have been extended.

The selling floor area of amounts to 90 s. m. There are 18 seats in the cafeteria area, where the customers are offered an extended line of aromatic national pastries, desserts and freshly brewed coffee. Each table has been equipped with a wireless station and USB ports for recharging phones. There is an interactive children's area for young customers.

Energy-saving technologies "Smart Grid" (smart house), allowing you to remotely control and manage lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, heating and power supply systems provide for a comfortable pastime of the customers.

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The filling station is also equipped with a multi-standard fast charging station for electric vehicles, which allows charging the battery from 30 to 80 % in 15 minutes. 

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