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Gazprom, a major producer of hydrogen in Russia, collaborating on hydrogen energy technologies with scientists

In recent times many countries are viewing hydrogen energy as an area essential for the implementation of national low-carbon development strategies

Gazprom, a major producer of hydrogen in Russia, collaborating on hydrogen energy technologies with scientists

St. Petersburg, June 28 - Neftegaz.RU. A meeting of the Sustainable Development Council led by Oleg Aksyutin, Gazprom´s Deputy Chief Executive, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), and Nikolai Kasimov, Member of the RAS, took place in St. Petersburg.
The meeting discussed the completed and planned joint studies conducted by Gazprom and the RAS in the field of hydrogen energy.

The studies aim to solve scientific challenges in the area of hydrogen production in the most environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient way, i.e. by producing hydrogen from natural gas, as well as challenges pertaining to hydrogen transportation.

In May, Oleg Aksyutin told an online briefing the company was still considering a carbon neutrality scenario as part of its 2050 low-carbon development strategy.
It plans to complete work on the strategy by May 2022.

The Sustainable Development Council noted the key role and significant potential of natural gas in the development of low-carbon hydrogen energy.
At the present time, Gazprom's facilities produce over 350,000 tons of hydrogen by various technologies, which is then used to derive different products from it.

The main goals of the Council are:
  • to evaluate the main scientific and technological issues in the industry
  • to review development trends of the Russian and global energy complexes, as well as conditions in the world's energy markets
  • to take part in drafting long-term industry outlooks, incl.outlooks for Gazprom's sci-tech development
  • to prepare proposals pertaining to Gazprom's strategic development
  • to develop recommendations for the implementation of advanced technical ideas and solutions
In late 2020, Gazprom announced the creation of a new company, Gazprom Hydrogen, that will be responsible for advancing Gazprom’s hydrogen business.

These areas include the development of innovative technologies for the utilization of methane-hydrogen fuel in the company’s production activities, as well as the development of innovative technologies for the production of hydrogen from methane with zero СО2 emissions and the development of hydrogen transportation methods, inter alia, for the purpose of export.

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