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Germany’s big bet on hydrogen

Germany’s big bet on hydrogen

Berlin, August 13 - Neftegaz.RU.
Accordiing to, Germany is going through a remarkable transformation from a fossil fuel-based economy towards a sustainable energy infrastructure dominated by wind and solar power.

Although the transition is far from complete, German voters and private companies have voiced strong support for further changes despite setbacks and cost-overruns. Also, technical challenges are arising, which could derail the goal of achieving a CO2 emissions-free economy by 2050.

Berlin, therefore, has recently decided on diversifying the methods with which to achieve its goal. Europe's largest economy will provide 20 new research facilities with $110 million to test new hydrogen-based technologies for industrial-scale applications. Additional funds are earmarked for ‘structural change' regions which are affected most by the energy transition such as areas with mines.

Renewables currently produce a 3rd of Germany's power, but the gradual phasing out of nuclear technology and coal-fired power plants within the next decades will create a severe technical challenge due to wind and solar power intermittency.

Berlin has decided to diversify and invest in alternative sources besides natural gas as imports will make it dependent on foreign producers. Hydrogen could be the energy carrier which alleviates Germany from overdependence on external energy suppliers while at the same time providing a solution for surplus energy storage during sunny and windy days.

According to Inga Posch, managing director at FNB Gas, "hydrogen is one of the hottest topics in the energy transition in the country at the moment. The interest of the private sector is really huge. Germans have been too focused on the electrification of the economy, so we are starting on the process with a delay."

Although German companies are already investing in new technologies and applications concerning hydrogen, it was German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier remark to make the country "№1 in the world" that set the target.

The characteristics of hydrogen could solve the biggest hurdle for Germany to become the 1st nation in the world to have a fully renewable-based energy system. The country's companies 1st need to improve cost-effectiveness and develop applications for industrial-scale operations to become energy self-sufficient for the 1st time in a century.

Author: Vanand Meliksetian

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