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Mobile technologies cut lead-times in commissioning remote Gazprom Neft fields

Mobile technologies cut lead-times in commissioning remote Gazprom Neft fields

Tyumen region, September 4 - Neftegaz.RU. Gazpromneft-Zapolyarye has brought oil production infrastructure into operation at its En-Yakhinskoye and Pestsovoye fields - the company having utilised mobile oil production and treatment systems in installing surface facilities. Ready-to-operate facilities meant capital construction could be ruled out at an early stage, halving the lead-time in starting commercial field development.

Gazpromneft-Zapolyarye has completed the construction of an oil-gathering pipeline system, together with the installation of mobile oil treatment units, at its En-Yakhinskoye and Pestsovoye fields in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, with this equipment having been delivered to the field prefabricated and ready-to-use.

Using mobile solutions meant the extent and lead-times of construction and installation works (CIW) at these blocks - the development of which is complicated by the swampy territory in which they are located, as well as their remoteness from major logistics hubs - could be minimised.

All works - from delivery of equipment to start-up operations - took just 3 months: capital construction of similar production facilities would have taken more than a year. The total capacity of the mobile oil treatment units currently covers all of the fields’ processing needs and, in the event of higher hydrocarbon volumes in the future, can be increased by the addition of new units. Average daily production across both fields is currently approaching 3,000 tonnes.

Prefabricated equipment is expected to be used in building a central oil gathering plant and a compressor station (incl. a gas-engine power plant) at the Pestsovoye field in 2021. Peak production across both fields is expected to be reached in 2022, at 2 million tonnes of liquid hydrocarbons per year.

Gazprom Neft is now using mobile oil treatment units in preparing to develop its Yamburgskoye and Tazovskoye oil and gas condensate fields in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, as well as in developing an oil-rim deposit at the Chayandinskoye oil and gas condensate field in Yakutia.

Gazpromneft-Zapolyarye is developing oil-rim deposits at the En-Yakhinskoye and Pestsovoye fields through long-term operatorship agreements with licence holder Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy.

“Modern technologies are the key to the most challenging and most remote fields, helping us maximise efficiency at every stage of operations - from installing infrastructure to putting this into commercial operation. Mobile solutions minimise lead-times from going into a block to starting production, as well as allowing us to obtain additional information - one of the most important factors in delivering project efficiency”, Aidar Sarvarov, Director General, Gazpromneft-Razvitiye.

“We place particular emphasis on using the most effective technical solutions, meeting the latest requirements. Using mobile infrastructure has allowed us to cut lead-times in installing surface facilities quite considerably, as well as allowing us to obtain finished products in the early stages of operation at the Pestsovoye and En-Yakhinskoe fields. This approach has proved its effectiveness in developing smaller fields. We will be rolling-out this experience and next year plan to commission a mobile oil treatment unit at the Zapadno-Tarkosalynskoye field”, Vladimir Krupenikov, Director General, Gazpromneft-Zapolyarye.

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