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JSC SKTB Katalizator Expands Range of Engineering Services for Fluidized Bed Dehydrogenation Process

Group of companies JSC SKTB Katalizator not only consistently delivers high quality products, but also provides engineering services for the required catalyst applications

JSC SKTB Katalizator Expands Range of Engineering Services for Fluidized Bed Dehydrogenation Process

Moscow, December 18 - Neftegaz.RU. Complete package of engineering services provided by SKTB Katalizator on optimization of isobutane dehydrogenation, Claus process, nitric acid production etc. is ensured by skilled staff, designated software and hi-tech equipment.

Visual inspection of the internal surfaces of advanced equipment can represent a major challenge, especially when it comes to long pipelines, cyclones and heat exchangers. To address the challenge, a last-gen viZaar INVIZ VUMAN E3+ videoscope system has been recently acquired by SKTB Katalyzator.

VUMAN E3+ at a glance:

  • Pneumatic flexible probe
  • Probe length – 15 m
  • Probe diameter – 8.4 mm
  • Field of view – 70°
  • X-WAY pneumatic articulation (4-way): 90° – left-right and 120° – up-down

  • Remote focus
  • Pushing aid for difficult-access inspection
  • Side view adapter for detailed inspection of joints/ welds/ bends
  • Centering device kit (disc diameter: 60,44,34,24 and 17 mm) for inspection of cylindrical openings with equal or close diameter
  • Balance two separately adjustable light outputs increasing failure analysis capabilities, reducing reflections.

VUMAN E3+ enables:

  • Difficult-access inspection
  • Detection of defects, hot spots and fouling
  • Sizing of defects/hot-spots
  • Photo- and video-recording to provide the customer with all information on status of the installation/equipment, individual components and devices.

Today our expertise allows us to develop customized comprehensive approach for handling production challenges on optimization of dehydrogenation units and reduce operating costs.

Please contact +7 (383) 306-62-80 or [email protected]for more details on engineering services for isobutane dehydrogenation.

Author: С. Егорова

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