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Arctic cascade

The technology, dubbed Arctic Cascade, uses a 2-stage process to liquefy gas using the ambient low temperatures in the Arctic.

Arctic cascade

The Arctic Cascade liquefaction technology was created and patented by Russian NOVATEK and ensures high efficiency of liquefaction using the ambient temperature of the Arctic region while reducing energy consumption and capital costs.

NOVATEK obtained a federal patent № RU 2645185 C1 for its proprietary natural gas liquefaction technology called «Arctic Cascade». 

The company gained significant experience in implementing LNG projects in the far north Arctic region of Russia with the launch of the flagship Yamal LNG project.
This unique experience gave the company the opportunity to develop proprietary natural gas liquefaction technology based on this region’s unique climatic conditions and colder ambient temperatures

Arctic Cascade is NOVATEK’s first patented liquefaction technology using equipment produced by Russian manufacturers.
The goal is to localize the fabrication and construction of LNG trains and modules to decrease the overall cost of liquefaction and develop a technological base within Russia.