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Smart Pig

PIGs (pipeline inspection gauges) are an innovative diagnostic tool used by pipeline operators to see inside the pipeline to detect any abnormalities or weaknesses in the pipe

Smart Pig

«Smart» and «pig» are not normally 2 words that you hear used together in a sentence, but in the case of oil & natural gas pipeline monitoring they fit perfectly together.

Smart PIGs are intelligent by design and equipped with a battery, a variety of sensors and a GPS system to map data when performing their inspections.

A PIG is inserted into and travels through the length of the pipe collecting data on potential hazards including external and internal defects, corrosion and structural integrity of the pipeline systems.

A key function of PIGs is preventing problems before they happen - for example, identifying early signs of corrosion so that repairs can be made well before a leak can occur.

Smart pigging provides a number of advantages over traditional forms of pipeline inspection:
  • It allows pipelines to be cleaned and inspected without having to stop the flow of product
  • It also allows the a pipeline to be completely inspected without having to send inspectors down its entire length
  • It provides cleaning and inspection services at the same time, saving companies both time and money
Because every pipeline is different, there is not a set schedule for pigging a line, although the quantity of debris collected in a pipeline and the amount of wear and tear on it can increase the frequency of pigging.
Today, pipeline pigging is used during all phases of the life of a pipeline.