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Brod oil refinery

Oil refinery Brod is the only company in Bosnia and Herzegovina for petroleum processing and production of petroleum products.

Brod oil refinery

The company provides continuous delivery of high-quality petroleum products, at the same time ensuring financial viability and applying environmental ethics and corporate social responsibility.

Oil refinery Brod processes petroleum products which correspond to EURO 5 standard. Product quality is provided by continuous quality control of crude oil and technological processing plants, as well as by analysis of commercial product quality performed in refinery’s own Central laboratory, which is the most advanced laboratory in the region. 

Technological equipment and personnel qualifications warrant quality of products and their adherence to the accompanying certificates. Petroleum products of identical quality are sold in both domestic and foreign European markets which undergo strict control.

Production capacity of Oil refinery Brod is such that it can satisfy demand of domestic market in full. Refinery operation has significantly benefited quality as well as prices of petroleum products sold in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main refinery products are:
  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Bitumen
  • LPG
  • Fuel oil
  • Sulphur
Oil refinery Brod is fully modernized and it operational plants can process 1.2 million tons of petroleum a year. The processing plant receives feedstock from Adriatic oil pipeline JANAF, which allows continuous operation.

Refinery Brod site includes:
  • Technological plants of old and new production lines
  • Power-generating units
  • Tank park
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Laboratory;
  • Tank car loading gantry
  • River barge terminal
Oil refinery Brod is one of four companies operating under brand name NESTRO in Bosnia and Herzegovina. All four companies working under NESTRO brand are owned by Zarubezhneft JSC, a state-owned Russian oil company.

Zarubezhneft provided investment of over BAM 520 million in order to restart and modernize production at the Refinery. Investment cycles which are organized within development strategy place the only oil refinery in Bosnia among cutting-edge refineries of Europe from technology standpoint. Development and modernization of refinery system provide competitive performance in production and environment protection.

Oil refinery Brod operation significantly improves business environment, increases and develops industrial production and improves employment rate, not only in local terms but nation-wide.