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Pyakyakhinskoye field

Discovered in 1989, the field is located within the Bolshekhetskaya depression in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.

Pyakyakhinskoye field

Pyakyakhinskoye, is among the biggest 3 hydrocarbon deposits to be opened up in Yamal in recent years. Pyakyakhinskoye field is the LUKOIL’s 2nd field put on stream in Bolshekhetskaya Depression.

The field has a challenging geology complicated by gas caps and oil rims; therefore its core assets are developed through the horizontal drilling, including drilling of multilateral wells.

The unique for Russia oil reservoir development method of using both multilateral production wells and horizontal injection wells is protected by the patent.

The oil and gas condensate from the field are supplied to the Zapolyarye-Purpe pipeline. Marketable gas is transported via a trunk gas pipeline to a main compressor station (MCS) near the Nakhodkinskoye field and pumped to the Yamburgskaya MCS.

The Pyakyakhinskoye field’s major gas producing facility is a complex gas treatment unit. The field’s oil production infrastructure includes:
  • metering station
  • field support base
  • pumping station to maintain reservoir pressure
  • oil treatment unit
  • petroleum gas compressor station.
The field’s initial recoverable reserves under the C1+C2 category of the Russian reserve classification are estimated at 86 million tons of crude oil and gas condensate and 261 billion m3 of gas.

The field's current daily production exceeds 10 million m3 of natural and associated petroleum gas, as well as 4.4 thousand tons of crude oil and gas condensate. The producing well stock of the field is comprised of 30 gas condensate and 70 oil wells.

In 2019, in a positive development for its production potential, the tax on additional income regime was extended to the field. The field also implements integrated models (separately for the oil and gas parts of the field) based on the intelligent field concept.