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Yarega oil field, (Yaregskoe)

Yarega, LUKOIL’s largest high-viscosity oilfield, includes 2 main producing areas: Yarega area, where thermoshaft technique is used to produce oil, and Lyayel area, where oil is extracted through steam-assisted gravity drainage.

Yarega oil field, (Yaregskoe)

Discovered in 1932, it is located in the south of the Timan-Pechora, Ukhta District of Komi Republic, 20 km off Ukhta and covers 2 major areas under development: Yaregskaya and Lyaelskaya.

The field is comprised of 2 main producing structures: the Yaregskoye structure, developed by underground mining techniques and thermal steam treatment methods; and the Lyael structure, where oil is produced using counter steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) technology.

Production at the field continues steadily growing due to drilling and commissioning of new power and steam generating facilities.

The 75 MW Yarega power generating center has been operating at the field since 2017, providing the Yaregskoye field production facilities with an independent source of power supply.

As of the 1st half of 2018, oil production at the field grew by 77%, as compared with the same period of the previous year, reaching the amount of 761 000 metric tonnes.

Yarega field is the only field in Russia where both thermoshaft and open-pit mining techniques are used to produce oil. The hydrocarbons occur at the depth of 165-200 meters. As the pressure in the formation is low, the oil of anomalously high viscosity, with insignificant amounts of gas, is produced under thermal treatment, which ensures better oil fluidity and lower viscosity.

  • The field is the only one in Russia where oil is being mined. Yarega's heavy crudes have exceptional properties. They are used as feedstock for one-of-a-kind chemical products used in road construction, space industry, pharmaceuticals, and the production of ultra-low diesel fuels used to power the Northern and Arctic vessel fleets.
  • Lyayel structure. The use of counter steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) technology reduces time for well construction and increases the oil recovery rates. LUKOIL was the first in the world to successfully implement counter SAGD project with bore length up to 1 kilometer.
  • Yaregskaya structure. LUKOIL develops the field by underground mining techniques applying thermal-steam treatment methods. The use of directional drilling reduces the scope and cost of operations while speeding up the pace of bringing reserves into production.