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Smart wells

Unconventional reservoirs are usually hard to develop, high risk and require huge early investments. Smart ways and methods are needed to increase the profitability of such projects.

Smart wells

Smart wells equipped with pre-installed high-tech devices in the wellbore that help in monitoring and controlling the well from the surface electrically or hydraulically. They also have the ability to self-control, collect and analyze the data.

Smart Wells technologies are needed to enhance the profitability of unconventional reservoirs. Smart wells drive the development projects to be cost effective and increase their Net Present Value. That can be achieving by reducing the number of drilled wells, work overs and intervention operations.

Key objectives of the smart well system:
  • Improved recovery (optimize for zonal/manifold pressures, water cuts, and sweep)
  • Improved zonal/areal recovery monitoring and allocation (locate remaining oil and define infill development targets)
  • Optimized production (improved lift, acceleration, and reduced project life)
  • Minimized capital investment to exploit an asset
  • Reduced intervention and operating costs
  • Optimized water handling
Fishbone technology helps in connecting far points of the formation directly to the wellbore and achieving a larger drainage area. The ribs help in achieving more exposure, which leads to increase the production from a single well and reduce the well count.

Those kind of drilling technologies can be used in re-developing the fields and increase their Net Present Value. Smart technologies can optimize the overall productivity of the well by controlling the production and injection zones and delay the breakthrough of gas and water.

They can also avoid water and gas coning and sand production, which lead to an increase in the productivity of the well. In addition to that, collecting data while the well is on production without the need to shut-in for intervention or data collecting campaign is a great advantage for smart technologies.