USD 66.4029


EUR 69.4353


BRENT 115.32


AI-92 46.67


AI-95 51.02


AI-98 59.4


Diesel 55.05


Galeeva Nelli Raphailovna

Galeeva Nelli Raphailovna

329 place


N.Galeeva is a graduate of Kuzbass State Technical University with a degree in accounting and audit, as well as Kemerovo State University with a degree in finance and audit.


In 1995-2000, she worked in Krasnogorsky Open Pit, starting as an accountant in the finance department and working her way up to chief accountant’s deputy for production.


In 2000-2005, she worked in Southern Kuzbass Coal Company, starting as a chief of consolidated and international accounts department and ending as deputy chief accountant.


In 2005-2008, she was Southern Kuzbass Coal Company’s chief accountant.


In 2008-2014, she was Mechel Mining Management Company’s chief accountant.


In 2014-2018, she was Mechel’s accounting and tax department director.


Nelli Galeeva has been Mechel PAO’s Chief Financial Officer since January 2018.