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Sliska Lyubov Konstantinovna

Sliska Lyubov Konstantinovna

144 place


Born October 15, 1953 in Saratov.

Graduated from the Saratov Institute of Law; majored in constitutional and civil law.

1971-1977, worked in the Soyuzpechat press distribution organization for the Saratov region.
1977-1987, worked in the personnel department of Soyuzpechat.
1987-1992, elected chairperson of the trade union committee of Soyuzpechat.
1992-1996, worked in the Saratov Regional Trade Union Committee of Heavy Machine Building, becoming its chairperson.
Nov. 1996-Feb. 1998, permanent representative of the Saratov region governor (Dmitry Ayatskov) to the Regional Duma.
Feb. 1998- Dec. 1999, deputy chairperson of the Government of the Saratov region.
Dec. 19, 1999, elected State Duma deputy with the Yedinstvo (Unity) electoral bloc.
Jan. 2000- present, first deputy speaker of the State Duma.
Dec. 2003, re-elected to the Duma with the "Edinaya Rossiya" (United Russia) election bloc.

April 25, 2012 she left the party "United Russia".

Sliska has been married twice. She has no children.