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Rakhmonov Emomali Sharipovich

Rakhmonov Emomali Sharipovich

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Rakhmonov Emomali Sharipovich was born on October, 5, 1952 in Dangara village, Kuliabsk region, Tadjikistan.

In 1982 he graduated from the Tadjikistan State University, profession v economist. Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of Tadjikistan republic.

Rakhmonov began his working activity in 1971 as an electrician at a plant in Kurgan-Tube city.
In 1976-1988 occupied the position of the Secretary, trade-union Chairman of a collective farm in the Kuliabskaya region.
In November, 1992 v was elected Chairman of the executive committee of the Kuliabsk regional Soviet of Peoples Deputies.

On November, 19, 1992 Rakhmonov was elected Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Tadjikistan Republic.

On November, 6, 1994 v was elected President of the Tadjikistan Republic.

On November, 6, 1999 v Rakhmonov was reelected President of the Tadjikistan republic for a 7-years term.

In March 2007, Rahmonov changed his surname to Rahmon, getting rid of the Russian-style "-ov" ending.
He also removed the patronymic, Sharipovich, from his name altogether.
In April 2016, Tajikistan banned the giving of Russian-style patronymics and surnames to newborn children

On 22 May 2016, a nationwide referendum approved a number of changes to the country's constitution.
One of the main changes lifted the limit on presidential terms, effectively allowing Rahmonov to stay in power for as many terms as he wishes

Married, has 9 children.