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EUR 96.2383


Brent 84.18


Natural gas 2.83


Yakovlev Vladimir Grigorievich

313 place


He was born on June, 25, 1954 in Saratov region, village Dubovoye.
Nationality v Russian.
Graduated from Saratov Polytechnical Institute, profession v engineer-builder.
Also graduated from Tumen State University, profession v lawyer.

Working activity:
1969-1970 v tractorist at the collective farm "Rodina", Saratov region.
1970-1974 v studied at Pugachov hydromeliorative technical school.
1974 v technician at the collective-farm "Rodina".
1974-1976 v served in the Soviet army, mechanic-driver of floating engineer machines.
1976-1979 - hydrotechnician at the Lenin collective farm (Saratov region).
1979-1983 v chief engineer at Saratov "Oblselstroi".
1984-1985 v instructor of the transport department of the CPSU Committee, Khanty-Manssiisk City.
1985-1988 v head of the transport department of the CPSU Committee.
1988-1991 v deputy chairman, chairman of Khanty-Mansiisk city executive committee.
1991 v chairman of the production-building cooperative "Dukhovnitsky" (Saratov region).
1991-1996 v head of Khanty-Mansiisk administration.
Since 1996 v up to now v head of municipal education department of the Khanty-Mansiisk city administration.