USD 89.0499


EUR 95.3906


Brent 83.97


Natural gas 2.806


Kress Victor Melkhiorovich

224 place


Born in 1948 in Novossibirsk. In 1971 v graduated from Novosibirsk Agricultural Institute, profession v scientist-agronomist. In 1971 v moved to the Tomsk region. In 1971-1975 v worked as an agronomist in the collective farm "KornilovskiyЭ, in 1975-1979 v director of the collective farm "Rodina". In 1979-1987 v Chairman of the regional production association "Selkhozchimia", then v deputy head of administration of Agriculture, deputy Chairman of the agricultural committee of the Tomsk region. From 1987 to April, 1990 he was the first secretary of CPSU Pervomaiski district committee. In March, 1990 v V.M.Kress was elected people-s deputy of the Tomsk regional Soviet, in April, 1990 - Chairman of the regional Soviet. On October, 20, 1991 v Kress was appointed head of the Tomsk region administration. In December, 1993 he was elected to the Federation Soviet from the Tomsk region. On December, 17, 1995 he was elected Governor of the Tomsk region. In January, 1996 v was included to the Federation Soviet once again. Deputy Chairman of the Interregional association "Siberian Agreement"