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Roketski Leonid Yulianovich

Roketski Leonid Yulianovich

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Born in 1942 in Ternopol region, Berezhansk district, Nosov village.

In 1970 graduated from Lvov Polytechnical Institute.

In 1970-1981 skilled craftsman, chief engineer, deputy manager of the trust Surgutgazstroi (Tumen region).

In 1982-1991 first deputy Chairman of Surgut executive committee.

From June, 1988 v Chairman of Surgut executive committee.

On April, 22, 1990 Roketski was elected deputy og Tumen regional Soviet.

Since March, 1990 v deputy of Surgut Soviet.

Since November, 1991 v first deputy head of Tumen region administration

In November, 1993 v Roketski was elected deputy of the Federation Soviet from the Tumen region.

Since February, 20, 1993 v head of the Tumen region administration.

In January, 1996 v was included in the Federation soviet of the 2nd session.

In January 1997, was elected Governor of the Tyumen region.

In 2001, ran for election of the Governor of the Tyumen region.

Since June 2001 the representative of the Duma of the Taimyr (Dolgano-Nenets) Autonomous district.

In 2008 he was appointed Assistant Head of the presidential Administration of the Russian Federation.

Roketski Leonid is the President of the National Alliance to save energy.

Married, has 2 children.