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Dzharimov Aslan Alievich

Dzharimov Aslan Alievich

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Born on November, 7 1939 in aul Yegeruchai, Koshechablski region, Adigeya Republic. Father - Dzharimov Ali Zabitovich (1911 year of birth). Mother - Abregova Tsurka Fitsevna (1918 year of birth). Children - Tlechas (Dzharimova) Anzhela Aslanovna (1968 year of birth), Dzharimova Bela Aslanovna (1975 year of birth).

Began his working career in the collective farm "Put k kommunizmu" (1957 - 1959). In 1959 entered the Kuban agricultural institute. In the institute studied the specialization "scientist-agronomist". Upon graduation in 1964 became the agronomist, senior economist of Koshechabl regional agricultural administration, then head of planning and economic department of regional agricultural administration of Adigeya. At the same time attended the post-graduate study at the Kuban agricultural institute. From 1970 till 1984 occupied the posts of the deputy of head of agricultural department of the regional CPSU committee, head of Adigeya regional state agricultural experimental station, head of agricultural department and secretary of Adigeya regional CPSU committee. In 1984 changed his job to Krasnodar CPSU committee where he worked as head of department of agriculture and food industry and secretary of regional committee. At the same time he graduated from the Academy of social sciences attached to the Central Committee of CPSU (1982 - 1885).

From 1989-1982 - first secretary of the Adigeya regional committee of CPSU and head of people's delegates council of Adigeya region. From January 1992 - the president of Adigeya Republic.

At the present moment - member of the Federation Council of Russian Federation Federal Assembly. Doctor of economic sciences. Member of the International informatization academy, ecological academy of Russian Science Academy, and Honorary member of the Adigeya science academy.

He published several books on the problems of regional economy, including: "Adigeya: from autonomy to republic" (1995), "Region in the Russian market" (1995), "Market transformation of economic space and the participation of regions in it" (1995), "Diagnostics of regional dynamics and market adaptation of the region economy", and also articles. In the monograph "Region in the Russian market" and in some other scientific articles the following principles are worked out: the peculiarities of the formation of the market-economic space of Russia and young republics, that were formed as a result of the democratic reforms in the country, the role of government in the formation of the socially- oriented market economy, the problems of the interethnic cooperation.

On the basis of the diagnostics of the social-economic situation in the Adigeya republic in the given works the immediate and perspective steps in the reformation of the republic economy are specified, among which much attention is being attached to the formation of the free enterprise zone. Many of the worked-out measures have already been put into practice.

A.A.Dzharimov is awarded two orders (1973, 1995). He is keen on physical training and sports, and also a master of sports in unarmed combat. He is fond of fiction, and works in his garden with pleasure. He lives and works in Maikop.

Address: Administration of the President and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Adigeya Republic 22, Zhukovski Street, Maikop, 352700, Russia Tel. (+7-87772) 2-19-00