USD 66.4029


EUR 69.4353


BRENT 115.32


AI-92 46.65


AI-95 51


AI-98 59.4


Diesel 55.04


Gurevich Grigory Semenovich

275 place


He was born on November, 8, 1953.

In 1975 he graduated from the Gubkin Moscow Petrochemical and Gas Industry Institute.

1975-1980 - operator, craftsman of oil extraction, laboratory head of the oil and gas extraction department "Usinskneft" of "Komineft".

1982-1991 - chief engineer, head of oil-field, head of the manufacturing department, head of the central engineering-technological service, chief engineer in different oil and gas extracting departments of "Komineft".

He participated in the prospecting of the Kharyaginsk deposit.

In December 1991 he took part in the foundation of the joint company "Nobel Oil", where he began working as a general director deputy.

Since 1994 - general director of the joint company "Nobel Oil".

Since August, 1, 2000 - first deputy chairman of the board of "Euroseverneft", manager of the oil company "Komi Fuel and Power Engineering Company".