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Ageev Victor Gavrilovich

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Born in 1937 in village Beryozovka, Kuibyshev region.

Upon graduation from Kuibyshev industrial institute in 1959 began working as an operator on oil and gas output in Permneft association.

In 1959-66 - chief mechanic of oil producing administration Chernushkaneft. , in 1966-77 - its chief engineer, then head.

In 1977-79 head of engineer- technological department in Udmurtneft (Votkinsk), chief engineer.

In 1979-82 - chief engineer, Udmurtneft (Izhevsk) head.

In 1984 was appointed to Nizhnevartovskneftegaz where held the post of general director deputy on oil and gas output.

In 1986-90 - general director of Purneftegaz of Ministry of Oil Industry.