USD 89.7026


EUR 97.0954


Brent 82.65


Natural gas 2.837


Sheppard Robert Allen

194 place


He was born in 1949 in Haiden, Colorado, USA.
In 1972 he graduated from the Wyoming University (USA), has a Bachelor`s degree in physic-mathematical sciences.
In 1991 he graduated from the Business School Administration at the Columbia University (USA) with the qualification 'Executive MBA'
In 1972-1984 he occupied different positions in the 'Amoko' company, USA.
In the middle 1980-s he worked in 'Amoko Exploration' (Great Britain) as vice-president and was responsible for oil extraction operations in the region of the North Sea.
In 1992-1995 he was Executive director at GUPCO (Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company) - a joint enterprise of 'Amoko' and the government of Egypt.
In 1995-1996 he held the posts of President and general manager of 'Amoko Argentina'.
In 1996-1999 he occupied the positions of President and General Manager of 'Amoko Egypt'.
In 1999-March 2000 he was Executive Vice-president of the oil company 'SIDANKO'.
In March 2000 he became President of the oil company 'SIDANKO'.