USD 66.4029


EUR 69.4353


BRENT 115.32


AI-92 46.67


AI-95 51.02


AI-98 59.4


Diesel 55.05


Putilov Alexandr Eugenievich

191 place


Born in 1952 in Tumen region.
In 1974 - graduated from Tumen Industrial Institute, qualification - machines and equipment of oil and gas industry. Upon graduation worked in Tumen region as a plumber, deputy head of the department, chief mechanic, deputy head of Surgut administration of drilling, was head of Krasnoleninsk and Urai administration of drilling.
Since 1987 to 1993 - was head of production association 'Uraineftegaz'.
In April, 1993 - Putilov was appointed Chairman of the guardian soviet and at the same time president of the State oil company 'Rosneft'.
Since May, 1993 - was member of the collegium of RF Ministry of fuel and power. Member of the oil-men union.
In May,1997 - was removed from the post of the president of the company 'Rosneft' (Yuri Bespalov became head of the company). Putilov remained, however, Chairman of the company`s board of directors.
In May, 1998 - Alexandr Putilov and Yuri Bespalov resigned.