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Kukes Semen Grigorievich

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Born in 1946 in Moscow.

In 1969 - graduated from the Mendeleev Moscow Institute of Chemistry and Technology, qualification - technology of vacuum pumps.

In 1960-70 - worked as an engineer-technologist of 'Titan' Co where he received his first author licence.

In 1973 - defended Master thesis in the Nesmeianov Institute of electroorganic combinations, the topic - 'Kinetics of chemical reactions'. Worked at the Institute up to 1977 as a scientific assistant.
In 1977 - emigrated to the USA where he was invited to RICE University. During 1,5 years he combined scientific work and lecturing at the University.

Doctor Simon Gregori Kukes is widely known in the USA by his works in the sphere of catalysts, oil refinement and oil-chemistry processes. He is the author of 130 patents of the USA and more than 50 articles, Honoured Professor of the Delaware University.

In 1979 - invited to the post of technical director of oil company Phillips Petroleum, where he worked till 1986.

From 1986 to 1995 - worked in the company Amoco Oil, occupying the post of technology director, then - director of international department on oil-refining, marketing and transport.

In 1995 - returned to Moscow. Worked at the Moscow representation of Amoco Oil as a vice-president on marketing and oil-refinement.

In 1996-98 - first vice-president of OC 'UKOS' on sales.

Since February, 1998 - President of 'Tumen Oil Company'.

Citizen of the USA.