USD 75.5873


EUR 84.9526


BRENT 72.91


AI-92 46.9


AI-95 50.93


AI-98 59.04


Diesel 52.91


Koshelev Vladimir Nikolayevich

Koshelev Vladimir Nikolayevich

290 place


He was born on July, 12, 1953 in Moscow.

He graduated from the Gubkin Moscow Petrochemical and Gas Industry Institute in 1975.

Doctor of Chemical Sciences (1996).

Professor, Head of the Organic Chemistry and Oil Chemistry Sub-faculty (1996).

Member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (USA) (1998).

Deputy Chairman of the Academic Council of the Gubkin Russian State Petroleum and Gas Industry University. Member of the Public Science Council attached to the RF State Duma.
Member of the Scientific Council on Petro-chemistry of the Russian Science Academy.

Since 1998 Pro-rector on Educational Issues of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas

He is the author of more than 300 scientific publications.

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