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Kagalovsky Konstantin Grigorievich

Kagalovsky Konstantin Grigorievich

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Born 13 October 1957.

Graduated from Moscow Financial Institute. Master of Economic Sciences.
Since 1980 worked at the research institutes of USSR Academy of Sciences.

In 1989 established an International center of economic reforms researches.
In 1990-1991 - RF representative on interrelations between International Currency Fund and the World Balk.
In January-September, 1992 - RF representative on interrelations between International financial organizations, economic Counsellor of RF Government.
In September-October, 1992 - RF representative (ambassador) in the International Currency Fund board.
Since October, 1992 - RF Director of the International Currency Fund, adviser of RF Government Chairman.
Since 1995 - Bank MENATEP Chairman first deputy.

From June 1998 to June 2002, he was a member of the Board of Directors of Yukos. In 1999 he became the vice-president of Yukos.

In September 2003, he unsuccessfully ran for a position in the Duma under the party Yabloko. At the time, he was the second richest man to run for office in the Fourth Duma Session.

In September 2004, he headed a UK-based investor consortium that attempted to buy shares in Yukos from its former head Mikhail Khodorkovsky in order to pay off its debts.

Today, he lives in exile in London and owns property in New York, Moscow, and on the French Riviera.
He is married to ex-Bank of New York executive Natasha Kagalovsky, and they have 1 son named Philip.