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Slovakia and Hungary could be excluded from embargo on Russian oil

The countries will not support sanctions against Russian energy, saying they are too reliant on those supplies and there are no immediate alternatives

Slovakia and Hungary could be excluded from embargo on Russian oil

Bratislava, May 4- Neftegaz.RU.The European Commission could leave out Slovakia and Hungary from the planned embargo on Russian oil.
The countries remain heavily dependent on Russian oil and say they need more time and money to adjust, particularly to update their oil infrastructure.

EU commissioners are debating new proposals for sanctions, which could include a phased-in embargo on Russian oil.
The new sanctions are to include a gradual ban on the purchase of Russian oil by the end of 2022.

According to diplomats cited by Reuters, Slovakia and Hungary could be offered an exemption or longer transition period.
Both member states are heavily dependent on Russian oil imports and have difficulty finding alternative supplies.

Hungary has repeatedly indicated that it will not agree with sanctions on energy.
A compromise would therefore help the EU avoid the possibility of a veto when voting on sanctions and maintain the unity of all member states.

The latest survey in Slovakia showed that as many as 62 % of residents do not agree with disconnecting from Russian gas and oil if the consequence would be higher energy prices.

The country is dependent on Russian gas and there is a chance it could be completely cut off from supplies around May 20 when Gazprom is scheduled to receive payment for the next invoice if it is not paid in rubles.

Slovakia currently pays approximately €900 million to Russia for oil & gas and as much as 87% of all gas comes from Russia.

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