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«In shock» over gas prices, Europe hears Ukraine - V.Zelensky

The EU's gas storage sites are currently filled to just 75.7% of capacity compared with 95.2% a year ago

«In shock» over gas prices, Europe hears Ukraine - V.Zelensky

Source: Ukrainian Presidential Press Office

Kiev, October 20 - Neftegaz.RU. Europe is now hearing Ukraine as regards the challenges posed by the launch of Russia's Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline bypassing Ukraine.
That's according to President V. Zelensky who spoke in an interview with ICTV , Ukrinform reports.

V.Zelensky said:
  • We said there would be a shortage in the gas market
  • And that Russia will use it to push for the really rapid launch of Nord Stream 2
  • It was clear to us that we would be facing these challenges, but we have our own gas and our people will remain secure
  • Nevertheless, we talked about the threats to the energy security of entire Europe
  • Now we are being heard, now the reaction is coming in
According to Zelensky, Ukraine had «raised the alarm» about the challenges posed by Nord Stream 2, bringing up the issue in talks with the EU and U.S. leaders.

The president stressed that once the construction of Nord Stream 2 is completed, it is yet to be launched, therefore stressing the importance of all requirements of the EU's Third Energy Package being applied.

He noted that Russia has been opposing these prospects and thus exploiting gas supply issues to exert pressure on Europe.
The president said:
  • I think Europe is in shock over a $2,000 price tag
  • I think they were counting on $300-$400 and ready, in case of shortage, for up to $500-$600, but up to $2,000 – no one foresaw such a hike
Zelensky reiterated the idea that Nord Stream 2 is Russia's modern weapon.
He stressed:
  • That is, you and I see powerful weapons, besides the shots fired, besides Russia's powerful weaponry in the form of information policy, cyber arms, a new weapon has emerged, which is energy. Nobody knows the consequences this weapon is about to bring as we are yet to pass winter
  • Europe is yet to pass winter, we'll see what happens next, what happens next spring
As reported earlier, President Zelensky assured the public Ukraine has sufficient gas volumes in reserves to fully cover domestic consumer demand at regular prices.

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