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Rouhani: Bringing Iran oil exports to zero impossible

Rouhani: Bringing Iran oil exports to zero impossible

Teheran, April 26 - Neftegaz.RU.
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said, “Bringing Iran’s oil exports to zero was not possible and we will continue to sell our oil by various methods.”

According to, Rouhani addressed the government cabinet on April 24, saying that the US’s move not to extend waivers to Iran’s oil importers would be harmful for oil companies and the American nation. “The US, with such measures, would do injustice to the world nations and all the oil companies,” he said.

He further said, "Americans have not achieved their goals in the economic scene,” stressing that the United States had failed in the international, regional, political and propaganda grounds.

Of course, the measures would create trouble for the people, “but the Iranian people know very well that resistance is the only way to counter illegal measures by aggressive powers, he further argued.”

Rouhani reiterated Iran’s stance in the international arena as being the defender of peace and dialogue, adding that negotiations would continue only if all the pressure on Iran was removed and the Americans apologized for their illegal actions against Iran.

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