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Over 28 000 km of gas pipelines built by Gazprom under gasification program since 2005

Gazprom took note of the information regarding efforts for the gasification of Russia.

Over 28 000 km of gas pipelines built by Gazprom under gasification program since 2005

The Gazprom Board of Directors on November 29, 2017, took note of the information regarding the company’s efforts for the gasification of Russian regions.

In 2005–2016, Gazprom allocated upward of RUB 295 billion for gasification purposes in Russian regions.

During that period, over 28,000 kilometers of gas pipelines were built, and the gas penetration level in Russia rose from 53.3 to 67.2 %, with an increase from 60 to 70.9 % in urban areas and from 34.8 to 57.1 % in rural areas.

All of Gazprom’s obligations are fulfilled, with the conditions for gasification provided in some 815,000 households and apartments and 5,060 boiler houses in 3,880 population centers.

Gazprom continues to make extensive gasification efforts. In 2017, the Gasification Program covers 68 regions.

It is planned to connect to gas about 75,800 apartments and households and 160 boiler houses in more than 200 population centers.

The amount of the company’s investments earmarked for gasification purposes in the current year was increased from the previously planned RUB 25.7 billion to 29.45 billion.

Gazprom sets the stage for bringing gas to consumers in Eastern Siberia and the Far East. In 2005–2016, the Company constructed 30 gas pipelines with a total length of some 430 kilometers and created the conditions for the gasification of 21,400 households and apartments and 80 boiler houses in 42 population centers in the Far East.

The Power of Siberia gas trunkline will pave the way for the gasification of Yakutia and the Amur Region.

Gazprom and the Government of Sakha (Yakutia) signed the Program for gas supply to and gasification of the region until 2026.

The company’s Management Committee was tasked to continue the gasification efforts in Russia’s regions and to update the Board of Directors on the achieved results in the Q4 of 2018.

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