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TATNET is testing modified bitumen

TATNET is testing modified bitumen

Kazan, October 25 - Neftegaz.RU. TATNET company has begun testing of the new modified road bitumen pavement developed by MOL Group (Hungary) on the route track "Almetyevsk - Chelny" in the Almetyevsk district.

The MOL Group bitumen contains 15% of the crushed rubber, which ensures application of the eco-friendly technology based on the utilization of recycled tyre manufacturing waste.

The modified bitumen, which components include specifically designed compounding materials and additives, is characterized by high fracture toughness, elasticity and friction coefficients at low temperatures, as well as the reduced road pavement noisiness level.

It is resistant to climate change: the highest and lowest temperatures typical for the weather conditions in Tatarstan in the summer and winter months. The successful testing of the new asphalt pavement has already been made on the roads of Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Various parameters of the modified asphalt will be tested on Tatarstan roads within 5 years. The TATNETEDOR bitumen concrete plant has been involved to participate in the project.

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