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UAE Renewed Gas Consession with Shell, Total, Partex

Abu Dhabi has renewed its onshore gas concession with Royal Dutch Shell, Total and Partex

UAE Renewed Gas Consession with Shell, Total, Partex

Government-run Abu Dhabi National Oil Company and the companies have signed a new 20-year deal to produce and process onshore gas supplies, WAM reported.

The concession was first signed in 1978 for 30 years. The new deal was effective from Oct. 1, 2008, WAM reported.

Senior representatives from ADNOC and the international oil companies signed the new deal on Tuesday, WAM reported.

Gasco is 68 percent owned by ADNOC, while Shell and Total have 15 percent each, and Partex owns 2 percent.

Gasco said last year it was investing $25 billion in gas processing plants and pipelines as it develops gas supply to meet surging demand.

Abu Dhabi holds most of the UAE's oil and gas reserves. The UAE sits on the world's fifth-largest reserves but has failed to develop them quickly enough to meet domestic gas needs and imports the shortfall from Qatar.

Author: Ksenia Kochneva

Source : Reuters

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