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Evrohim, Metafrax, Novatek and Shchekinazot will attend the CIS Gas Monetisation conference in April

Evrohim, Metafrax, Novatek and Shchekinazot will attend the CIS Gas Monetisation conference in April

Moscow, February 10 - Neftegaz.RU. The leading producers of ammonia, urea, methanol and their derivatives have confirmed their participation in the conference «CIS Gas Monetisation», which will take place in Moscow from the 5th to the 6th of April and is co-located with the biggest petrochemical industry event.

This year «CIS Gas Monetisation» will take place in Moscow for the 8 time, and this year’s event agenda has significantly expanded on the topics, whilst remaining true to the conference theme - quality presentations, a high level of seniority amongst participants and a balance between strategic and technological topics in the agenda.

In addition to ammonia, urea, methanol and their derivatives, a couple big industry interests right now are hydrogen and everything decarbonisation.

Konstantin Roman, General Director of Gazprom Hydrogen Ltd. (a specialised company recently created by Gazprom to implement innovative projects and develop integrated solutions in the hydrogen technologies industry), will talk about, in particular, the production of pure hydrogen from natural gas, the pyrolysis of methane and «turquoise hydrogen».

CIS Gas Monetisation 2019 (168).jpg

Nikolai Iliukhin, General Director of Metafrax’s Engineering and Technological Centre and Levon Garslian, Deputy General Director for Investment Strategy at Metadinea (a part of the Metafrax group) will discuss the company’s key projects and takeaways when it comes to the development of green chemistry.
Metafrax is one of the largest Russian producers of methanol and its derivatives.

Speaking of trends in the development of gas-chemical products in Russia, it is important to note that Vladimir Kiselev, the Deputy General Marketing Director of Shchekinazot, will also give a presentation.
Shchekinazot is constructing a production complex for nitrogen fertilisers in the Tula region, and at the conference Vladimir Kiselev will talk about the company’s plans to transition from ammonia to nitrogen fertilisers.

A more general outlook on nitrogen upgrades will be shared by the General Director of NIIK, Igor Esin. In his presentation at the nitrogen products session he will discuss the global trends and local market of ammonia and nitrogen fertilisers.
Along with NIIK, GIAP will also be taking part in the conference.
Together, the 2 design institutes are the leading engineering contractors for nitrogen products and fertilisers manufacturers.

The gold sponsor of the conference, Air Liquide Engineering & Construction - the global leader in methanol production technology licensing will present their technology, LurgiTM autothermal reforming.
Matias Shtain, Company Gas-chemical Department Director will discuss the advantages of this unique technology in the production of syn-gas and methanol.

Bringing together the leading industry producers and the most important contractors and technology licensors all in one place, the conference has long been a unique meeting place for industry leaders.

Take a look at the agenda and request an up-to-date attendee list for the «CIS Gas Monetisation 2022» conference on the organiser’s website-

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