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SOG-2008: South ambitions of oil & gas industry

Registration is now open for the South Oil & Gas Forum being held on 29-30 May 2008 in Anapa

Registration is now open for the South Oil & Gas Forum “SOG 2008: Logistics. Technologies. Security” being held on 29-30 May, 2008 in Anapa. The organizer of the Forum is International Conferences Ltd.
The goal of the Forum is an analysis of the tendencies and discussion of perspectives to increase oil & gas shipments in the south of Russia taking into account the present projects to develop specialized port capacities and pipeline transport in the region, in the light of the upcoming development of offshore fields of the Caspian, Black Sea and Azov basins.
Oil & gas shipment volumes through the southern regions of Russia have been growing steadily last years; it is subject to the increasing demand for the product in the European countries. Experts forecast further multiple volume growth of exported oil and gas products and connect it with development of offshore deposits of the Azov, Black and Caspian Seas and pipeline transport development.
Growing interest in southern deposits development is dependent both on softer climate of the region allowing to make cheaper development of the southern deposits in comparison with the northern ones and the fact that the south of Russia is the nearest way to the European consumer market. To date there have been concluded international agreements on projects realization of offshore deposits development in the Caspian, Black and Azov Seas. There is a number of constraining factors not only technology but technical one as well. They also are connected with the insufficiencies of the acting legislative acts stipulating fuel and energy industry activity.
The following themes are to be discussed at the Forum: perspectives of offshore deposits development in the south of Russia, transportation of resourses, regulatory acts in energy complex and new technologies for development and processing of oil&gas products.
The Forum is conducted under the auspicies of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Trade, information sponsors: Maritime Market, Success Index, portal, PromoGroup general Internet partner.

More detailed information on the web-site:

Maxim Vorontsov, producer
South OIL & GAS Forum «SOG 2008»
tel.: (495) 646-01-51,
(812) 448-08-48,
(8617) 601-341
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