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RosGeo proceeds to the 2nd stage of drilling the deep parametric well in Taimyr

RosGeo proceeds to the 2nd stage of drilling the deep parametric well in Taimyr

Moscow, October 23 - Neftegaz.RU. Research and Production Center Nedra (RPC Nedra, a subsidiary of RosGeo) has completed the 1st stage in drilling of deep parametric well “Novoyakimovskaya 1” to a depth of 1600 m in Tajmyr Dolgan-Nenets municipal district of Krasnoyarsk territory. The drilling was performed in the framework of a public contract made between Rosgeo and Subsurface Management Department of the Central Siberian district.

According to a new contract signed between RosGeo and FSBI VNIGNI, the specialists of RPC Nedra proceed to the 2nd stage of drilling the parametric well “Novoyakimovskaya 1” to the design depth of 5000 m.

The purpose of the project is to study the deep geological structure and obtain a set of geological, geophysical and geochemical parameters of Cretaceous-Jurassic deposits in the western part of Yenissei-Khatanga deflection for assessment of the prospects of Agapa potentially petroliferous zone.

“Drilling of the deep parametric well in Taimyr is a large-scale and ambitious task. ‘Novoyakimovskaya’ is intended to confirm the oil and gas potential of the promising areas between the fields Payakha group and East Taimyr cluster that have been previously examined only in the framework of the regional seismic surveys, - said Alexander Afanasenkov, the 1st Deputy Director General of RosGeo. - Drilling and research conducted here in the extremely difficult natural conditions, in hundreds of kilometers above the Arctic Circle and in fully autonomous mode, at a very high professional level. ”

At the 1st stage of the drilling, 100 m core was sampled, which characterizes the chalk deposits in the depth range of 890-910 m, 1200-1240 m, 1400-1420 m, 1580-1600 m, and the drilling slurry at intervals of 5 meters. The process conditions to achieve the design well depth of 5000 m have been provided.

The joint contractors of RPC Nedra in this project are other subsidiaries of RosGeo: Novosibirsk Institute SNIIGGiMS provides the scientific support to the drilling and processing of the stone material, Perm Institute KamNIIKIGS performs the laboratory analyzes of the core samples. The specialists of Irkutskgeofizika conduct the integrated geological, engineering and geophysical surveys of the well in the course of the drilling.

At the 2nd stage of the project in 2020-2022, the specialists of RosGeo will perform drilling and framing of the well “Novoyakimovskaya 1” in the interval of 1600-5000 m with sampling of at least 900 m of the core from the target horizons. There will be performed a set of integrated geological, engineering and geophysical surveys, testing of 5 objects in an open hole in the Cretaceous and Jurassic sediments, seismic logging VSP surveys at the depth of 5000 m, processing and interpretation of the survey data.

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