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Petrobras invests in robots to automate offshore inspections

Robots are the only solution with articulated, explosion-proof legs.

Petrobras invests in robots to automate offshore inspections

Source: Petrobras

Moscow, November 22 - Neftegaz.RU. Petrobras will invest US$4 million in the acquisition of robots from ANYbotics. These robots will be capable to run autonomous visual inspections. The data obtained from ANYmal X inspection missions will show the most efficient and safest teams in maintenance routines.

Petrobras will receive six ANYmal X units in 2024 for testing and development at its facilities.

According to G. Levin, manager of the Petrobras Center of Excellence in Robotics (COE), Petrobras hopes to use ANYmal X to automate routine inspection activities, thus improving asset monitoring capabilities.
Today, ANYmal X is the only robotic solution with articulated, explosion-proof legs in the world. It is a milestone for inspection in risky areas.

Petrobras is part of the Early Adopters Program of the Swiss company ANYbotics, in which large Oil and Gas and Petrochemical conglomerates collaborate to test the effectiveness and evaluate implementation strategies for autonomous robots.

Besides developing its own research, Petrobras also enters into partnerships for improving innovations. This is a virtuous circle, which produces knowledge, boosts the industry and benefits society, assesses the executive manager of the Petrobras Research Center, Maiza Goulart.

ANYmal X

ANYmal X comes with a high-resolution camera, laser imaging, gas sensor, thermal camera and wide-spectrum directional microphone.
These components allow users to map the installation in 3D images and clouds, and check for anomalies:

  • equipment noise;
  • temperature in electrical panels;
  • leak detection;
  • valve position checking, local instrument reading, and the presence of mandatory plant safety items.

After inspections, the captured images are sent via WiFi or 4G LTE to databases, and can be automatically verified in the future by artificial intelligence.
This will reduce repetitive work, allowing teams maximum focus on interventions where really needed, whether in a refinery or exploration platform.

ANYmal X is capable of carrying out its missions autonomously or remotely, and can be assigned to get into areas of greater danger or accidents.
It may eventually be used to guide people to safe areas in adverse conditions.

About ANYbotics

Since 2016, the Swiss company ANYbotics has been developing smart and integrated robotic systems.
In partnership with global technology leaders, ANYbotics offers automated robotic inspection solutions for industries with complex demands.

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