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Eni enhances proprietary technology for monitoring pipelines for liquids

New venture Enivibes is born.

Eni enhances proprietary technology for monitoring pipelines for liquids

Moscow, March 31 - Neftegaz.RU. Eni is enhancing the market value of its proprietary technology called e-vpms (Eni Vibroacoustic Pipeline Monitoring System), dedicated to the monitoring of liquid transportation pipelines and aimed at optimally protecting their integrity. For that purpose, it created Enivibes (76% Eni, 16% Aresys and 8% Solgeo), the first venture established as part of the activities of Eniverse, Eni's Corporate Venture Builder.

The technology is designed and developed by Eni to perform real-time analysis and monitoring activities on new or existing pipelines, both for hydrocarbon and water transportation, through an innovative vibroacoustic wave system that detects external interference, such as break-in attempts or accidental pipeline impacts, and flow variations, maximizing the efficiency of transportation systems.
This innovative solution, thanks to the installation of high-sensitivity acquisition stations, enables rapid and localized interventions.

E-vpms, which is currently installed on several fluid transport lines in Italy and abroad, has made it possible to drastically reduce break-in attempts and to carry out targeted preventive maintenance, ensuring safe and reliable operations.

E-vpms technology is a worldwide technological excellence in the service of the energy transition.

Enivibes represents an important step forward in achieving the ambitious goal of launching five new startups by 2025, by leveraging the portfolio of technologies, internal skills and assets of Eni and its innovation ecosystem.

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