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Gazprom CEO briefed Vladimir Putin on the company’s performance in autumn/winter heating season

There has been a sharp drop in air temperatures across Russia since the 2nd week of December. All these days, the levels of gas supplies to domestic consumers and withdrawal from Russia's UGS facilities have been at their highest in a decade since 2012

Gazprom CEO briefed Vladimir Putin on the company’s performance in autumn/winter heating season

Source: Gazprom

St.Petersburg, December 31 - Neftegaz.RU. According to Alexey Miller´s report, all Russian gas facilities operate successfully and confidently throughout the heating season.
At the start of the period of withdrawal of gas from UGS facilities, Gazprom´s working gas inventories totaled 72,638 million m3 with a daily deliverability of 847.9 million m3.

Both the working gas reserves and the daily deliverability are at all-time highs for Russia.
Miller told Vladimir Putin:
  • As usual, Gazprom has been providing reliable gas supplies to our consumers in Russia and abroad
  • We have been fulfilling all of our contractual export obligations under long-term bilateral contracts in accordance with requests
As of today, a total of 12,36 million m3 of gas, or 17 % of the working gas reserves, has been withdrawn from Russia's UGS facilities.
By now, the facilities are 83 % full.

In November and December, Gazprom injected its own gas into European UGS facilities.
By the end of December, the company will have injected 1 billion m3 of gas into these facilities.

Every day between December 21 and 25, European operators registered daily records for gas withdrawal from Europe's UGS facilities.
Today, Europe's facilities are depleted by 44 %, Germany's UGS facilities are depleted by 47 %.
Miller noted:
  • The reserves in Europe's facilities are 21 billion m3 below the level observed in the same period of last year.
  • This is 28 %, or almost a 3rd, less
  • It is a sizeable deficit of gas in UGS facilities, and it affects the European gas market significantly
Gazprom has fulfilled all of its obligations under the contract for gas transit across Ukraine.
The planned amount was 40 billion m3 of gas.
By today, Gazprom transited as much as 41.5 billion m3 through Ukraine.

Concluding his report, Miller told Putin that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is ready to go.
Gazprom finished filling the 2nd string of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline with gas.
Now, both the 1st and 2nd strings of Nord Stream 2 are under working pressure and fully ready for operation.

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