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The highest column has been erected at TANECO

The highest column has been erected at TANECO

Nizhnekamsk, June 3 - Neftegaz.RU. The installation of a 70.4 meters high deisobutanizer column has been completed at the construction site of the TANECO Complex. The column dispatched from the berth on May 21 arrived in Nizhnekamsk (Tatarstan) on May 27. It was brought to the Complex on the Saturday to Sunday night.

The installation of the column of such height at TANECO by the specialists of the Department for the Implementation of Construction Projects of TATNEFT (URPS) has been carried out for the 1st time. The URPS has carried out the planned work jointly with KIT Stroy and SOPiG. Two cranes of 1,350 and 300 tonnes lifting capacity have been used to lift the column  of 4.9 m diameter weighing 300 tonnes.

The gas fractionation unit manufactured by the Volgogradneftemash factory yas  been designed to separate light hydrocarbons into close-cut fractions and produce propane-butane, stable gas naphtha, butane and isobutane. Design fresh feed rate amounts to 350 000 tonnes per year.

The erected deisobutanizer column will separate isobutane from the de-propanized fraction, which will be transported to the Tolyattikauchuk production works of the TATNEFT as fresh feedstock.

The Volgogradneftemash production deisobutanizer column is not the first large-capacity equipment manufactured by the enterprise for the Complex. The factory’s first delivery to TANECO had been a vacuum column weighing 336 tonnes in 2009. Since then, Volgograd machine builders had sent about 50 equipment pieces to Nizhnekamsk, including oversized coke oven drums, reactors, vessels, etc.

The TANECO project is implemented by TATNEFT using domestic raw materials, domestic equipment, and domestic environmentally friendly technologies, thereby providing a synergistic multiplier effect in related industries of the country. The achieved level of the technological equipment import substitution at the gas fractionation installation is 100%.

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