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New digital field-infrastructure design system introduced at Gazprom Neft

New digital field-infrastructure design system introduced at Gazprom Neft

St.Petersburg, November 13 - Neftegaz.RU. Gazprom Neft has developed a new digital technology for designing infrastructure at new assets. This innovative solution makes it possible to model the optimum location of field facilities, cutting construction and operating costs by up to 10 %.

A digital algorithm is used in infrastructure planning at the earliest stages of the project lifecycle, with the programme generating the optimum location for facilities, subject to potential limitations, taking into account local terrain, hydro-geological conditions, and administrative, archaeological, historical and cultural, environmental, physical and other metrics.

Working with large volumes of data, the algorithm automatically performs complex multi-stage calculations, determining the optimum location for production, domestic, transport and other infrastructure facilities in field design.

This new system brings together a comprehensive set of solutions for infrastructure facilities of all categories, both in mapping the location of facilities and in determining their physical parameters, with the algorithm evaluating thousands of options, and selecting the most effective in each case.

The analytical process involves high-performance computing, machine learning, “digital twins” of various facilities, and other innovative tools. The digital algorithm was developed by specialists at the Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Centre, Gazpromneft-Geo and Gazpromneft-Razvitiye.

The new calculation module has been tested during infrastructure design for the Yamburgskoye, Zapadno-Zimnoye, and Ourinskoye fields, as well as at Chonsky-group assets, with the new digital system facilitating greater efficiency in planning the location of road networks, pipelines, well pads, and field and surface facilities. Using this product is expected to cut capital and operating costs at various infrastructure facilities by seven to 10 %, in the future.

Alexey Vashkevich, Head of Gazprom Neft’s Technology Development Directorate, commented: «The key task for any industry technology is to cut costs to make production more efficient, while working with ever more complex reserves. We understand, very well, that you get the greatest impact precisely at the very start of developing a field, when nothing’s been built, and you’re not subject to any limitations in decision making. Indeed, how infrastructure is developed, and what it consists of, largely drives the economic success of the whole project».

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