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LNG Tank Storage: TGE Gas Engineering Experience

 LNG Tank Storage: TGE Gas Engineering Experience

Moscow, 12 Aug - Neftegaz.RU. TGE Gas Engineering - a leading company in the design and construction of storage facilities and transshipment terminals for cryogenic products (LNG, propane, butane, ethylene, ammonia, etc.) - maintains the highest reputation on the market for 40 years.

The LNG storage tanks of TGE Gas Engineering have the deserved popularity on the market for all these years. And it is no coincidence because of the individual approach of the company to each Client: during a tank design development, the main decisions should be taken: the type of the tanks, the type of supports system and much more.

It is worth reminding that the liquefied natural gas (LNG) is stored in special conditions – in so-called cryogenic tanks. They are divided into fixed-type tanks, which are part of an integrated gas storage process.

The shape of the tanks is selected based on their purpose, convenience of manufacture, transportation and operation. There are several types of tank shapes: horizontal, vertical, conical, bullet-shaped, etc.

In general, the classic flat bottom tanks are the most popular LNG storages on the market. Such storages can be seen almost everywhere in the territory of many LNG plants all over the world.

One of TGE projects is an LNG plant in Vysotsk. The company, being a contractor, designed not only an LNG storage tank, but also a gas distribution system to ship and barge loading jetties and truck loading station. TGE supervised the project throughout the entire construction period, and controlled the delivery of the necessary equipment, both for the tank and some other plant facilities. The construction was completed in 2019.


TGE has a huge experience in the design and construction of all types of similar facilities throughout the world. For example, in China (Beilong) TGE has designed and built an LNG storage tank of 3 x 160,000 m³ for CNOOC Zhejiang Ningbo LNG. The construction was completed in 2012.


Such ground-based vertical tanks are distinguished by the comparative simplicity of construction, as well as a wide range of possible storage of products depending on customer requirements - spherical and flat-bottomed tanks can store from 3000 m³ to 120 000 m³ of LNG.

One more object of this type, has been designed and built by TGE Gas Engineering in Portugal for Transgas Altlantico: tanks with a capacity from 3.9 to 5.2 million tons of LNG per year were ideally suited for the assigned tasks. The construction was completed in 2003.

португаия 2003.jpg

It is important to note that TGE Gas Engineering is a global specialist in the installation of both spherical and conical tanks of this type and annually maintains the reputation of not only a reliable contractor, but also an organization that combines quality, reliability, professionalism and efficiency of work.

In addition to construction of LNG storage facilities, the competence of TGE Gas Engineering includes organization of transshipment terminals, design of LNG liquefaction plants, integrated gas treatment plants, design of tanks and much more.

In addition, the company aimed to expand its presence around the world and opens up many offices in all major cities of the world, including Russia - here TGE office can be found in St. Petersburg. Thus, the company is ready to guarantee not only the fulfillment of specialized orders of any complexity, but also to ensure the quality, safety and efficiency of solving the set tasks.

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