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A New DeNOx Bench Unit for Measuring Catalytic Activity of NOx Selective Catalytic Reduction is Launched

A New DeNOx Bench Unit for Measuring Catalytic Activity of NOx Selective Catalytic Reduction is Launched

Moscow, Jul 16 - Neftegaz.RU.In May 2019, a DeNOx unit was put into operation in the laboratory building of JSC Katalizator, designed for screening catalysts for selective reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx) with ammonia to form nitrogen and water vapor.

Why are NOx so dangerous?

Nitrogen oxides NOx are a mixture of NO and NO2. They react with water in the atmosphere to form nitric acid and during the reaction with volatile organic compounds (VOC) they contribute to formation of photochemical smog. Prolonged exposure to even small amounts of above substances can be detrimental to human health as well as the environment. The major sources of NOx air pollution include high-temperature combustion of fuels, the manufacture of paints, nitric acid and nitrocellulose.

How to remove NOx from the exhaust gases?

Industrial ecology is a specific field of research aimed at finding solutions to minimize the harmful industrial emissions. The use of catalysts with different composition is considered to be one of the most efficient techniques for NOx emission abatement. Non-selective and selective catalytic (temperature) reduction processes are applied for removing nitrogen oxides from the exhaust gases. Non-selective reduction uses methane as a reducing agent, which reacts not only with NOx, but also with the other gases, especially with oxygen, so the process requires a much larger amount of reducing agent compared to selective process, in which ammonia reacts only with NOx, reducing them mainly to molecular nitrogen at sufficiently low (200-350°С) temperatures. That is why the most cost-effective technique tends to be SCR.

What is the benefit of DeNOx bench unit for testing environmental catalysts?

Constant monitoring is required to maintain the high quality of catalysts. Environmental Catalysis team of JSC Katalizator provides estimation of catalytic activity which is one of the key values to be monitored. Launching a DeNOx bench unit enables the environmental catalysts to be tested when removing NOx. The facility also allows variation of the study conditions in a wide range of temperatures, concentrations and component ratios. High precision measurement of mixture components concentration is ensured by using advanced equipment and IR spectrometer Tracer-100. In addition to the standard options, the spectrometer is equipped with a gas cell which allows investigating the kinetics of rapid reactions in different phase states. The accuracy of target components and co-products of the reaction amounts to 1 ppm.

That is to say, DeNOx bench unit for testing environmental catalysts is designed to simulate the DeNOx process of selective catalytic reduction. Specifically, it has provided more accurate modeling of the catalytic treatment reactors operation for not concentrated nitric acid production application (UKL-7 unit, 1/3,5 ata), over АОК-78-55 catalyst.

Our Solutions

Our development, implementation & production competencies allow us to create high-demand catalysts of ongoing high quality. Environmental catalysts of JSC Katalizator are highly appreciated at the national level. In 2018, АОК-78-55 alumina vanadium catalyst for selective catalytic reduction of NOx with ammonia became the winner of All-Russian competition “100 Best Goods of Russia”.

Today, the team of Chemical Engineering Department of JSC Katalizator is ready to develop both tailored and package solutions for handling environmental challenges in gas exhaust treatment. We would like to offer you the following engineering services:

  • Process audit and identification of reasons for the low efficiency of existing catalytic units
  • Development of package turnkey solutions for industrial emissions treatment
  • Design, manufacturing and supply of industrial treatment units
  • Supervision at all stages: commissioning, operation, shutdown and catalyst reloading

Please contact +7 (383) 306-62-80 or for further information on Industrial Ecology solutions.

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Author: Gorbunova A., Kreirek A., Tarasenko A., Yastrebova G.

Source : Neftegaz.RU

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