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Denmark to construct the $34 billion artificial island as a wind energy hub

Denmark is the largest oil producer in the European Union. The country already gets 40% of its electricity from wind power.

Denmark to construct the $34 billion artificial island as a wind energy hub

Copenhagen, February 5 - Neftegaz.RU. Denmark has reached a deal on the construction of the worldwide 1st of its kind wind energy hub in the North Sea, which will deliver enough electricity for millions of households.
$34 billion artificial island will be created about 80 km from the shore of the peninsula Jutland. Authorities hope to have the hub operable by 2033.

Danish minister for climate Dan Jørgensen said:
  • The energy hub in the North Sea will be the largest construction project in Danish history
  • It will make a big contribution to the realisation of the enormous potential for European offshore wind
  • The EU has set a goal to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 and the Commission has set a target of 300 GW offshore wind energy in order to attain this goal
  • By constructing the world’s 1st energy hub with a potential capacity of 10 GW, Denmark significantly contributes to this ambitious target
The clean energy hub will be owned by a public-private partnership. Denmark will own the majority of the island, but private companies will be crucial for the project regards to innovation and cost-effectiveness.

The artificial island will serve as an offshore power plant gathering and distributing green electricity from hundreds of wind turbines surrounding the island.
The Danish government announced that the island will be circa 120,000 m2 and a tender for private partners will be opened soon.

Fully implemented the offshore wind hub will be able to cover the consumption of 10 million European households

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