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Gazpromneft-Noyarbrskneftegazgeophysica doubles its delivery of high-tech services in 2019

Gazpromneft-Noyarbrskneftegazgeophysica doubles its delivery of high-tech services in 2019

Noyabrsk, February 21 - Neftegaz.RU. Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegazgeophysica - the Gazprom Neft geophysical investigations subsidiary, operated by Gazpromneft-Nefteservis - has more than doubled its delivery of high-tech services year-on-year, performing more than 360 high-tech operations in the preceding 12 months alone.

A record-breaking volume of work involving “Pump Down Plug&Perf” technology has been undertaken for Russian companies at the Gazpromneft-Khantos’ Priobskoye field.

Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegazgeophysica is expanding its use of this patented proprietary technology - involving the downhole delivery of geophysical equipment using a fibreglass rod - in geophysical investigations. Using this rod makes it possible to reach significant depths in delivering devices to well bedrock thanks to the lightness, elasticity and low friction-coefficient of fibreglass, as well as its’ resistance to harsh environments. This technology has been used successfully throughout Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegaz fields in 2019.

Using fibre-optic systems at the Novoportovskoye field is making it possible to monitor temperatures along the entire length of the well, online, for the 1st time. Using this technology specialists are able to monitor changes in downhole processes quickly, and put solutions for optimising well operation regimes in place as soon as possible.

In addition to this, Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegazgeophysica has become the 1st company in Russia to undertake a range of downhole logging tests at horizontal wells on the Russian Arctic Shelf.

A technological partnership agreement was signed with Schlumberger in March 2019. The core objective of this is to combine Schlumberger’s technological capacities and potential with Gazprom Neft research centres’ knowledge and know-how and Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegazgeophysica’s resources in order that the latest research technologies can be successfully deployed throughout the latter.

Pro-active implementation of Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegazgeophysica’s development strategy will continue throughout 2020. The company plans to increase the volume of “smart” services offered, expand field investigation programmes on the Russian Arctic Shelf, and move into new regions where Gazprom Neft production assets are gaining an increasing presence.

Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegazgeophysica will be acquiring further competencies in working with hard-to-recover reserves, as well as continuing its collaboration with the Upstream Division and its various production subsidiaries, including through the “Assets of the Future” project and the company’s Science and Technology Centre - the company’s overriding objective here being to become one of the top-5 most important geophysical research companies in Russia.

“The quality of geophysical data, and the speed at which it is acquired, play an important role in improving efficiency in production processes. High-quality geophysical information in well construction gives an indication of a reservoir’s production potential, reduces the risk of ineffective investment, and allows you to make the right managerial decisions. Investigative data research into production and injection well stock helps solve the problem of managing development effectively, and of bringing as many reserves as possible throughout the company’s license blocks into production. Speeding up the commissioning of new wells, and adjusting working modes in already operating wells, as fast as possible - all of this will come about as a result of our implementing new high-tech ways of working in obtaining and interpreting geophysical information”, said Sergey Doktor Head of Gazprom Neft’s Upstream Directorate.

To read about the company in Russian.

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