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K. Molodtsov: “An event that allows seeing the results achieved with your own eyes”

K. Molodtsov: “An event that allows seeing the results achieved with your own eyes”

Companies from all over the world annually take part in the international Neftegaz exhibition at the Expocentre Fairgrounds. Do you think it has any effect on the development of the Russian fuel and energy complex?
- Actually, today one of the main tasks of the state is to create conditions in our country that promote the building of scientific and technological chains, from using the results of basic science in applied research and development to the introduction of Russian technological solutions that allow businesses to effectively solve replacement tasks at the fields, at the processing facilities, at the places of use of energy carriers of those foreign technologies that are now unavailable s as a result of sanctions.
For our manufacturers, the international “Neftegaz” exhibition is a great opportunity to present the latest equipment based on modern technologies to both Russian companies and foreign partners. In addition, here you can talk with many customers directly and clarify what needs they have at the moment.
At the upcoming exhibition, I expect to see original developments in the field of energy saving, domestic low-tonnage LNG technologies, drilling equipment, Arctic technologies, as well as solutions related to the digitalization of the oil and gas industry. I am sure that the exhibition will become even more interactive, taking into account the requirements of the target audience and the potential of domestic industry and science.

Has your view on the industry, its development strategy and the place occupied in it by industry events, such as the Neftegaz exhibition, changed?
- Work priorities are periodically updated in accordance with external and internal challenges.
The Commission for the Development Strategy of the Fuel and Energy Complex, which is headed by the President himself, in 2018 discussed issues of coal and electricity.
I believe that at the moment the main thing is to promote the creation of favorable conditions for the implementation of the May decree of the President of Russia, its economic and technological aspects in the energy sector, as well as the development of the gas industry, which together with the coal industry form the basis of our country's energy supply.
I also want to note that restricting access to advanced technologies and international finance is becoming an effective incentive for the development of domestic technologies in the fuel and energy complex, taking into account the effective provision of environmental safety and the rational use of the mineral resource base.
The subject of technological development is one of the key issues on the Commission’s agenda, and I regard Naftogaz as an important event that allows you to see with your own eyes the results achieved.

Source : Neftegaz.RU